FIS has introduced a Contract Review Service as part of its offering to support members. Damian James has been selected as one of the panel members for the service.

The service provides pro-active contract review support. It seeks to identify onerous contract clauses before work starts. The aim being to avoid contract issues further down the line.

The subsidised service is staffed by a panel of four hand-picked experts. It is the member’s choice as to which panel member they choose.  The starting price for all this will be £450 for an initial review and written summary. An additional £150 will include a virtual meeting to go through the contract in more detail.  Prices will be tiered around the size of the contract.

The panel will use the collective wisdom generated through this work to isolate trends. Together, they’ll seek to identify onerous clauses and update on the state of the contractual market for reporting purposes. The panel will offer guidance to FIS and its membership, through a series of advisory articles.  This work builds on the FIS’ ongoing commitment to support the RICS Conflict Avoidance Process.

If you’re a member of the FIS, or interested in the service, find out more about it and take advantage here or you can contact Damian and the team here.