Expert Services

If you are dealing with a complex construction dispute, you may need the support of an experienced and qualified expert witness. Our team have worked on large and complex projects across Africa, the Middle East and Europe. Our extensive global experience in supporting clients through dispute resolution throughout these regions means you can be sure we will be familiar with any process you find yourself engaged with.

Our experts are experienced at preparing high-quality, independent reports. We are used to working with legal teams and law firms in the preparation of expert reports on complex international disputes. The importance of impartiality and accuracy, and our duty to the tribunal are key to the Damian James team’s work. Being experienced in cross-examination, Damian James experts are well placed to support tribunals in getting to the nub of complex problems.

If you are in need of an expert in your dispute get in touch today.

Quantum Expertise

Working with a quantum expert during the project lifecycle can help you ensure internal costs and contractual reporting are accurate and reliable. Have confidence that your project is on track and stays that way.

Should you need support through dispute resolution, we can provide expertise in assessing and preparing quantum claims. Our honest, independent advice will help you to make the right decisions on your projects. Whether you are dealing with claims for variations or change, damages, disruption or acceleration, allow our quantum team to support you through an often complex dispute resolution process.

Delay Analysis

To the uninitiated, delay analysis is easily misunderstood and confusing. Unravelling the complexities of a construction project to get to the root cause of delay is a highly prized skill. A broad array of methods of analysis and techniques are advocated. Delay analysis is a specialist field with which our team are fully conversant. 

Allow our team of experienced delay experts to help you better understand the causes of delay on your project. Our delay experts can prepare a detailed and robust delay analysis which will provide a clear demonstration of cause and effect and help a tribunal or decision maker reach an accurate decision.