Construction Claims Johannesburg

Construction Claims Support

Properly structured construction claims can be the difference between a successful project and financial failure. Preparing claims can at times be extremely complicated and potentially costly. Claims differ not only by circumstance, but are dictated by the conditions of your contract. Our aim is to help clients minimise those costs and improve the efficiency of the claim and dispute resolution process.

Any claim must be capable of demonstrating entitlement on the balance of probabilities. For a claim to succeed, you must have regard for legal requirements such as the demonstration of causation. These are areas in which the Damian James team are fully experienced.



Through years of experience preparing claims, we understand the importance of a carefully structured claim. A well-prepared claim should help reduce the need to enter into formal dispute resolution. However, if the claim is dismissed and matures into a dispute, that claim stands a better chance of success if properly formulated and communicated. In turn, this reduces the costly and time-consuming exercise of further referral and adjudication.

Allow us to assist in the preparation of claims, alleviating any undue stress on the parties involved. In turn this will improve project cashflow. If an agreeable resolution cannot be found, our support will assist in a speedier resolution should dispute resolution be needed.

Specific areas in which we can offer support include the following: 

  • Advising on preparation or defence of financial claims.
  • Claims for disruption and loss of productivity.
  • Claims for preliminaries thickening.
  • Claims for price escalation.
  • Claims for loss of overheads and profit.
  • Claims for termination.
  • Claims for breach of contract.
  • Preparation or review of claims for extensions of time.
  • Preparation or review of claims for activity prolongation and/or stacking.
  • Preparation or review of claims for acceleration and mitigation.