Webinar on dealing with disputes and claims on complex energy projects

Damian James joined two legal experts for a discussion on energy disputes. Joining him are Rob Wilson, partner and head of the energy disputes practice at international law firm CMS and specialist construction barrister Thomas Crangle of 4 Pump Court, barristers based in London. The team examine a range of subjects from the complexities of different forms of contract and provisions for dispute resolution, to considerations of environmental impact.

Watch the recording here:

Areas covered

  • What are the biggest risks on energy projects and how can we mitigate against them?
  • Are there steps you can take to avoid disputes on energy projects?
  • Why are energy disputes particularly challenging?
  • What are the common mistakes people make when preparing for energy disputes?
  • In relation to renewables: What are the contract / commercial risks and do they differ from other projects?
  • What does the future look like for the resolution of energy disputes?


Rob Wilson, CMS

Rob Wilson, Partner and Head of the Energy Disputes Practice at leading international law firm, CMS. He has been advising on disputes since 1994 and has worked with the energy sector since 1998. Rob experienced in litigation, international arbitration and mediation both as mediator and in representing clients. He is also often engaged by clients with regard to the avoidance of disputes before proceedings are commenced. Much of Rob’s work is of an international nature and in particular he is known for advising on construction/engineering issues arising out of EPC contracts.

Thomas Crangle, 4 Pump Court

A barrister at 4 Pump Court, Thomas’ practice includes conducting trials and interlocutory applications, acting for and representing parties in mediations and carrying out a full range of drafting and advisory work. International arbitration forms a major part of Thomas’ work in the areas in which he practices. He has also built up a wealth of experience in this field and is familiar with the rules of all of the major international arbitration bodies.

Damian James

Damian James is a leading expert in the area of quantum, delay, disruption and cost evaluation. His appointments include adviser in international arbitrations and as expert in adjudications around the world. Project and arbitration locations have included the UAE, South Africa and other African states and the UK. Damian is also widely experienced in engineering and construction claims and dispute resolution. As a result, he has particular expertise in the preparation of detailed claims to recover client entitlements. Damian’s particular skills lie in the complex discipline of delay analysis and disruption valuation. Additionally, he is able to disentangle global claims to establish the relationship of particular cause and effect.