On the 9th February, Damian joined James Banda and Kort Egan for Spotlight on Arbitration. James Banda is a managing partner from AMW & Co and Kort Egan is a barrister at Gatehouse Chambers. In this session, Damian and the experts discuss how arbitration has changed since the COVID pandemic. The experts also took a particular look at the role arbitration plays in Zambia and dispute resolution more generally across Africa.

Below you can see some of the questions the speakers answered, and the topics discussed.

Topics covered:

  • How important is the seat of arbitration?
  • Could mediation supersede arbitration?
  • What is the future of arbitration?
  • How do you manage witness statements in the virtual environment?
  • What do you see as the biggest blockages for arbitration?
  • Africa has support for adjudication in Kenya and South Africa. What can Africa do to default to arbitration or should they?

Watch the full spotlight on arbitration here on the Damian James YouTube channel.


James Banda

James is the managing partner of AMW & Co with over two decades experience as a lawyer. His expertise covers a range of areas of Zambian law. James offers high-level strategic advice to clients on commercial, construction, real estate, competition and banking and finance law. James is also a lawyer at the supreme court, constitutional court, court of appeal and high court of Zambia.

Kort Egan

Kort is a barrister at Gatehouse chambers called to the bar in 2017. Kort’s specialism is in domestic and international commercial disputes in construction and energy. He also works in property and insolvency with experience in aviation and shipping matters. Kort also spent time assisting Simon Hughes QC on an international infrastructure dispute worth over a billion.

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