In August 2023, a select group of experts from construction and law came together to look at ‘Good Faith’.

The concept of good faith is commonly invoked in construction projects. It frequently becomes a focal point when disputes emerge. In many cases, one party will accuse another of failing to “act in good faith”. This, in turn, positions them as the party at fault.

The team looked at issues of good faith in various jurisdictions around the world. The team had a look at who is owed a duty, how different contracts deal with the concept, and which countries deal with it most effectively. We were lucky to have a team of experts with experience working in places as far afield as Israel, South Africa, Qatar, the UAE, the UK and more. We’re delighted to share our paper on the subject which you can download below.

A set of videos accompanying the session is set to appear on the Damian James YouTube channel in the coming weeks.

Participants at the round table included:

  • Karen Kirkham, Chair, The JCT and Head of Construction, BDB Pitmans

Download the paper on Good Faith In Construction Contracts. Thank you to our guests for their thoughts and input into the session.

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