Damian James joins Tiffany Widlake, Lize-Mere Ludick, Stephanie McDonald, Diana Burger and Vaughan Hattingh. The webinar is presented to the Construction Adjudication Association of South Africa (CAASA), and takes a look at construction adjudication.

We join as Damian James follows on from a discussion around the detail required, and time taken to complete an adjudication. Damian goes on to discuss the processes of adjudication and the financial / commercial aspects of adjudication.

Learn more about the way in which adjudication is undertaken in construction disputes.What are the challenges for those involved in adjudication? What are the best options for adjudication? How should adjudication be conducted? Damian also shares his experiences of adjudication in different countries and under different contract forms.

This session was part of a longer webinar with CAASA held in the spring of 2022. If you need any help or more advice on construction adjudication, get in touch today.