In December we took a little time out to walk the Cleveland Way. This time the ‘we’ included myself, Chantelle, Thomas Hardy and Emily Bronte.

Thomas has been our companion for the last 6 years and we always promised to bring him home to England, he is of course, our faithful dog.

Emily is newer to the family and is still very ‘pup like’ for her two years of age.

The Cleveland Way stretches along the coast of Yorkshire to Teesside. Over three days we covered the leg to Whitby and to Scarborough after setting off from our base in Robin Hood’s Bay.

The weather was cold with driving rains and the paths were mostly muddy and slippery in parts (two falls but no submissions). But of course, the pubs were warm and welcoming, and the scampi and chips were piping hot and fresh.

We managed to dine at The Bay just like Wainwright and considered Bronte’s words over pints of Timothy Taylor’s and Roast Turkey dinners before walking home,

“The night is darkening round me, 

The wild winds coldly blow; 

But a tyrant spell has bound me, 

And I cannot, cannot go.” 

On another night we visited the Laurel (another pub) where we inadvertently stumbled into the regular pub quiz and managed to win a packet of wagon wheels thanks to my knowledge of 1980’s snooker.

We completed over 60km in the three days of walking and the dogs were great comrades.

I personally undertook the walk for my ‘Stone in my Shoe’ charity but also promised to give kindly to the Royal Fusiliers for every mile we all completed. I have done this to ensure that the support I generate is evenly shared amongst willing causes.

It was Thomas Hardy who said,

“…our impulses are too strong for our judgement sometimes” 

Maybe If you have read this to the end and your impulse is strong and you can give 10 pence or even £1 for each kilometre that we completed, then you will raise money for my ‘Stone in my Shoe charity’ and that would be very generous and kind.

With winter here we break for a few weeks before travelling to Beachy Head in January as part of our reconnaissance and training for our April walk.

For more information on our future walks keep update here.