Last year Damian sat on a panel discussion as part of Limeslade’s Dubai Masterclass, with Barrister Anna Laney, In-House Counsel, Bethan Onions, and leading construction solicitor, Leonie Sellers. The team examined the roles of legal teams and advisors. Thanks to the expert speakers and to Limeslade for organising. We look forward to joining them again in 2023.

The panel discussed their top tips from a collective 70 years of experience. Some of the key take-aways and topics examined in the session include:

  1. Flexibility – No two disputes are the same. Go into the dispute with no preconceptions. From the start through to the end stay thinking on your feet.
  2. Crystalising matters – Identifying the dispute. Look at the strengths and weaknesses of both sides.
  3. Strategy – Framing a question can hugely affect outcomes. Regular check-ins on strategy and whether it is still working. Strategy is the critical path through the dispute.
  4. Legal teams – Teams are made up in many ways. Using different types of lawyers whether it be based on personality or specialisms. Take the time and effort from the beginning to find the right people. If it’s a bigger project, bring in the added team members quickly.
  5. Client involvement – Maintain client ownership over a case. The financial and reputational impact of matters. As a client, you want to stay involved in the case for the benefit of the case but also so insurers can see your activity and don’t pull coverage for non-cooperation.
  6. Building trust within the team – Trust issues through job roles and level of knowledge of other members of the team. Once roles are established and people help with their specialities trust grows quickly.

Watch the Recording in Full

Watch the full talk below or follow the link. Should you need any assistance with the way in which different parties interact in the dispute process, get in touch today.

Masterclass – Damian James Joins Experts on The Role of Legal Teams & Advisors