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It is not uncommon for many SME’s and subcontractors to face challenges recovering payment. Contractor arguments tend to revolve around common issues such as:

  • The value of works completed.
  • Variations undertaken.
  • The cost of remedy to defective works.

Good news – we can help. And as part of our commitment to you, we’ve created a useful guide to the top risks SMEs in construction face. And how you can avoid them. Click HERE to download the guide today. 


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Recovery & Tier 1 Engagement

An important part of our involvement with small firms is the often-needed skills transfer, or just a redirect to put SME’s and subcontractors in better positions. This leaves you to look after your own future with greater confidence and assurance.

For assistance in recovering withheld monies or simply a little skills refreshment from an expert team please contact us

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