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  • Advising on preparation or defence of financial claims
  • Claims for disruption and loss of productivity
  • Claims for mitigation or acceleration
  • Claims for preliminaries thickening
  • Claims for price escalation
  • Claims for loss of overheads and profit
  • Claims for termination
  • Claims for breach of contract.
  • Preparation or review of claims for extensions of time
  • Preparation or review of claims for activity prolongation and/or stacking
  • Preparation or review of claims for acceleration and mitigation
  • Delay analysis
  • Dealing with concurrency / float
  • Expert programming evidence


  • Arbitration, Litigation, Adjudication, Mediation, Conciliation and Dispute Review Boards
  • Expertise in cross examination
  • Expertise in programming, delays and extensions of time
  • Expertise in quantum of claims for change, variation, damages, disruption, acceleration and prolongation
  • Expertise in professional negligence claims
  • Training and Development on the Mechanism of Metal Gears.